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Engine 1501

Engine 1

1997 Alexis Freightliner 1000 GPM pump with 750 gals of water. It provides vehicle extrication equipment, light rope rescue, vehicle fires, equipped both with Class A and B foam. It also serve as a 2nd unit for structure fires.

Engine 1502


Alexis 2012 Ford 550 4x4, 400 gallon tank, front spray nozzle.

Engine 1503

Engine 3

1993 Alexis Custom Cab 1000 GPM pump with 1000 gals of water. It is the main structure fire truck.

Squad 1504

Squad 4

2001 Alexis Ford 550 medical unit. Its main purpose is all medical calls and vehicle accidents. It also serves as a Rehab area for firefighters, air-supply refill station and a command post on larger scale incidents. 

Tanker 1505

Tanker 5

2001 Alexis Freightliner carrying 2000 gals of water, a portable ground tank and a 18 hp pump. It serves as a water supply unit on rural fires and field fires. 

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Divernon Fire Protection District
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