Fire Emergency Responders in Divernon

We respond to every fire threat within minutes

Divernon Fire Protection District

The Divernon Community Fire Department was established in 1900. In 1956 the Divernon Fire Protection District was formed by voter approval, and it provided expanded coverage to the Glenarm area and parts of Ball and Auburn Townships.

Staff Training

We push ourselves for excellence when it comes to protecting our community. Our goal is emergency response with the highest quality training and resources available.

All fire personnel receive the most advanced fire and rescue training and are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus.

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How to Join DFPD

The Divernon Fire Department helps people in emergencies every day. They respond to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, fire and gas emergencies, and serve as trained weather spotters.

Whether it’s a local disaster or a medical emergency, our essential work is made possible by people like you, who learn how good it can feel about lending a helping hand.


The Divernon Fire Department Needs You!

  • Training will be provided to you at our fire station
  • Fire training is held the first and third Thursday; medical training held the second Thursday 
  • No special skills required. The training you receive will prepare you to respond to either medical or fire emergencies. The department needs people with all kinds of different backgrounds, talents, and skill levels.
Divernon Fire Department
$ 10.00
$ 5.00

Divernon Fire Department Membership Application

Print the application form and mail or hand-deliver to the Divernon Fire Department any Thursday evening.

Call Counts

2021 Total: 206

Last updated: 10-7-2021

Structures 0
Vehicle 4
Field & Brush 6
Other Calls 32 (False calls, alarms, illegal, odor investigations, etc.)
Vehicle Accidents 24
Medical Emergencies 113
Fire 13
Medical 14
Fire 21
Medical 13