About DFPD

Mutual Aid Provider to Divernon

The Divernon Community Fire Department has an ISO fire rating of 05/5Y and provides emergency medical care at the B/D Limited Med level. DFPD provides mutual aid to all surrounding communities and assists the Village of Divernon with weather spotters.

Integral Part of Community

The DFPD strives to be an integral part of the community by participating in and hosting different events within the community. The DFPD is governed by the appointed board of trustees and operates from an annual budget supported through taxes.

Board of Trustees

  • President - James Spelman
  • Treasurer - William Beaty
  • Secretary - Brian Spelman
  • Other Members - Jim Price, Mike Bolash

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM.

OCTOBER 13th SPECIAL MEETING at 7PM, regular agenda, AFG grant review and acceptance, Executive session Personnel


Chief Randy Rhodes 1510
Deputy Chief 1511
Deputy Chief Bill Beaty 1512
Capt 1513
Capt/EMT B Frank Lowry 1514
Capt 1515
Lt./EMT B Tim Stanfield 1516
Lt. Chris Cody 1517
Lt./EMT B Corey Ball 1518
Lt./EMR James Mayes 1519
FF/EMT B Madeline Lowe 1520
FF 1521
FF Jason Hopkins 1522
FF Shane Melton 1523
FF 1525
FF 1526
FF 1527
FF/EMR Kenny Raymer 1528
FF 1529
FF/EMT B Hunter Voss 1530
FF 1531
FF Dan Baldrick 1532
FF/EMT B Bailey Devine 1533
EMT B Ashleigh Carter 1539
FF Jay Ayers 1540
EMR Kyla Zimmerman 1541
EMT B Nicole Woods-Malcom 1544
EMT B Sarah Goleman 1545



Engine 1501

1997 Alexis Freightliner 1000 GPM pump with 750 gals of water. It provides vehicle extrication equipment, light rope rescue, vehicle fires, equipped both with Class A and B foam. It also serves as a 2nd unit for structure fires.


Brush 1502

Alexis 2012 Ford 550 4x4, 400-gallon tank, front spray nozzle.


Engine 1503

1993 Alexis Custom Cab 1000 GPM pump with 1000 gals of water. It is the main structure fire truck.


Squad 1504

2001 Alexis Ford 550 medical unit. Its main purpose is all medical calls and vehicle accidents. It also serves as a rehab area for firefighters, air-supply refill stations and a command post on larger-scale incidents.


Tanker / Tender 1505

2001 Alexis Freightliner carries 2000 gals of water, a portable ground tank, and an 18 hp pump. It serves as a water supply unit on rural fires and field fires.